Who we are

People with vision and drive

IT, medicine, sensor technology, design, marketing, logistics, psychology – we are from many different disciplines. What unites us, is the vision to create a product with VIDAMETER, which focuses on the holistic well-being of each individual.

To achieve this, we contribute our motivation, our curiosity, our brilliancy, our commitment and our determination and work with full passion and conviction on VIDAMETER.

Still we want to achieve more. Therefore, we organize our company so that it reflects our aspirations internationally in many forms.

We break new ground

Thinking holistically

As the top priority

We focus on the human being. The development of our company is strongly connected with personal advancement.

Acting sustainably

Is standard practice

Product, company, consumption - we make sure that we contribute with much awareness in all these areas.

Protecting data

For more individuality

Each person is unique and so is its data. This distinctiveness should be maintained for each person.

Living integrally

And strengthen wellbeing

We make our company to a second home. In this way we crate a solid bridge between work and life.

Developing potentials

With common goals

The future is the result of our social commitment, Intuition, ispiration and innovation guide our efforts.

What we do

Vidameter and you are fine

VIDAMETER provides personal protection and privacy, and serves as your personal key and wallet. It is designed that no one loses his sense of security in our new world.

It offers a precise and accurate measurement of vital signs, a current snapshot of the vital condition of a person, a fully automatic emergency alerting in critical life situation and an intelligent personal authentication, without transferring data to unauthorized third parties.

It is not just a wristband that combines multi-components of health, fitness and security, but the first holistic solution that cares for its wearer at any time, works completely independently and is modular.

Vidameter with Camera

Basic modularity with all features for health, fitness and security. Up to 4 further modules available for additional individuality.

How we work

Focus on people and well-being

We do not only predicate, we live social, economic, environmentally sustainable, transparent and non-discriminatory practices in all areas of VIDAMETER. 

People and their well-being are at the centre of our attention. We provide them with confidence and the necessary working environment to enable them to grow beyond themselves and act with full commitment to a better world.

We follow innovative paths, stimulate new ways of thinking and take full responsibility for our positive contribution to the common good.

With whom we work

Inquisitive Explorer

Of a new world

People, who stay curious and blow up their mental limits and extend them continuously to bring  themselves further

Dedicated Representatives

Of innovative approaches

Role models, who fully absorb a vision and are ready to implement it with full vigor

Ingenious Adventurers

With lots of experience

Doers, who are not satisfied with standardized declarations and like to attempt the impossible 

Resolute Heroes

With a grand vision

Personalities who recognize opportunities
and are engaged to develop these potentials towards progress and solutions

Motivated pioneers

For a sustainable business

Leaders, who are committed to change the world with a lasting effect

Why we act

For a safe, fit and healthy life

The environment is damaged. 
The consequences of the threatening climate change can not be estimated. 
Too many people are sick. They suffer from poor nutrition, lack of exercise, stress and overload. 
Despite digital communications, people become socially isolated. 
Some die lonely at home and are not discovered for days. 
The medical providers are overchallenged with the common diseases. 
Inaccurate information about the health state leads to incorrect diagnoses. 
Personal health data is collected, stored and misused unknowingly and without consent by unauthorized third parties for profitable purposes.

We envision a world, in which people are safe and secure.

They are free and doing well – all the time.

We know, that this is possible and we will strive constantly at all times to realize our mission.

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